LIVE: Our Lady Peace’s The Wonderful Future Tour at del Lago

It’s hard to predict the future but Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace did so with their 2000 album Spiritual Machines. Their current The Wonderful Future Tour highlights some of American futurist scientist Ray Kurzweil’s voice as on their Spiritual Machines album. This tour also supports OLP’s latest album Spiritual Machines 2, released in January 2022. This album also features new predictions for the future from Kurzweil.

They perform and sound incredible but above all OLP’s show is truly something fans need to experience. Lead vocalist Raine Maida balances being an interactive frontman while also going to a place internally while he sings. Because Maida does this, there is a really raw and powerful connection between him and OLP’s fans.

Throughout the show, OLP had many guests joining them on stage virtually via a 6-foot screen. These appearances were simple yet very well done and elevated their songs by being able to include some of their collaborators. These virtual guests included their original guitarist, Mike Turner, and Pussy Riot! singer Nadya Tolokonnikova. Embracing technology like this is forward thinking along with the band’s new platform they created for artists.

Maida took the time to express that social media platforms and other streaming services don’t always work for artists like them. So they created, a community for artists to connect directly with their audience without having the “middle man” of ticket vendors and social media platforms. OLP encouraged fans to join and a perk is a track that will not be available on any other platform.

Toward the end of the set Maida jumped into the audience and went to the middle of the venue to sing. The fans went crazy and loved every minute of it.

Our Lady Peace gave Waterloo their all. Their hour-and-a-half set included an assortment of songs from almost all of their studio albums, enough to satisfy fans in attendance.

See the photo gallery from the show below:

See the setlist from the show below:

The Message
One Man Army
In Repair
Superman’s Dead
Potato Girl
Somewhere Out There / Angels Losing Sleep
Drop Me In the Water
Is Anybody Home?
Stop Making Stupid People Famous
Wish You Well
All My Friends
Tomorrow Never Knows
Holes / 4 am

See Photos of These People Below:

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