Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Bringing Live Show to Auburn Drive-In

“It’s Time To Drive In” in Auburn with rising jamband Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. This American funk, jamband from Baltimore has been at it for 11 years and this Aug. 15 and 16 is bringing two nights of live music to the Fingerlakes Drive-In, brought to you by Creative Concerts.

Tickets for this socially distanced went on sale Friday, July 24 through Creative Concerts. Each night will have two full sets.  All CDC safety parameters must be met.  PPPP prides itself on the audience not only enjoying but being part of their shows. “Excitement is infectious,” says guitarist/vocalist Greg Ormont. “The crowd is like an equal member of the band at this point.” He continues, “We really feed off their response and truly value their input, and we can tell right away what works and what doesn’t from their reaction.”

The Fingerlakes Drive-In in Auburn is the oldest in New York State dating back to 1947. 

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