Local Music Friday: Cait Devin

At the age of 19, Cait Devin is already a seasoned local scene veteran. She began playing in coffee houses and smaller venues at 16 and has collaborated with many of Central New York’s highest-profile musicians.

Now seen as a peer to those on the local scene, Devin stretches her wings further on Friday, July 17. The singer-songwriter with a metal edge is performing as part of a collaboration with a trio of metal guitarists with names that may be familiar to many. Devin joins Michael Anthony Batio, Vinnie Moore and Andy James for the song “Unbroken,” available on Batio’s YouTube page next Friday at 1:00 p.m.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, Devin put together her own virtual festival series titled the Renaissance Festival. This series brought together many CNY artists of varying genres for a day of live streaming music several times during the shutdown.

Devin’s roots lie in alternative and hard rock, citing influences such as The Cranberries, Paramore, Alice Cooper and Metallica and she has also shown a pop side, drawing from the music of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Devin has a handful of recordings to her credit that you can find on Spotify and a YouTube channel that also contains several of her live videos.

This is a Central New York musician with the passion and the drive to be heard from for a long time. Check out the video of her original composition “Cold Blooded” performed as part of Copper City Brewing Company’s Quarantine Concert Series below and follow her on social media at the links below the video.

Cait Devin performing “Cold Blooded”

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