Review: Tool Rocks Rochester

Monday, Nov. 6 at Blue Cross Blue Shield Arena in Rochester, Tool delivered a show that left an indelible mark on the audience. Presented by Metropolitan Entertainment, it was an evening marked by an upbeat atmosphere that highlighted the unique appreciation of Tool and its fanbase.

The anticipation was undeniable as fans from all walks of life gathered to experience the band’s performance. Fans once again showcased their unwavering dedication, reminding us why they are among the most devoted in the music world. Among the concertgoers was 14-year-old Jiana Leao, who attended her very first show with her Tool-loving parents. Listening to Tool since she was born, and after many “Tool Nights,” listening to albums with her parents and playing drums along to the recordings, she was finally witnessing the band firsthand. Her excitement mirrored the sentiments of many as she found the performance to be very much what she had hoped for.

“My ultimate setlist would include “The Pot,” “The Grudge,” “46 + 2,” and “Pneuma,” stated Leao. She got to hear three of her favorites, adding, “I loved them.” When asked how Tool makes her feel, she said, “Tool makes me feel like two things. One part of me just wants to sit in bed and listen to Tool and mellow out. The second one wants to take on anger, like fight it.” 

The band itself was nothing short of fantastic. The setlist was a mix of old and new, with a focus on their latest album, Fear Inoculum. Songs from 10,000 Days, Lateralus, and Aenima added to the well-rounded selection. The light show and intricacy of their performance evolved and built as the night progressed, reaching its peak during the powerful rendition of “The Grudge” just before intermission.

“The lights make you feel like you’re out of this world,” Jiana added. She also spoke on the way the music carried through the arena, hitting her chest and saying, “The music hits you right here. You could feel the beat hit you in the chest. It makes you feel powerful, in a way. It makes you feel alive. They have their rhythm. They have their pattern. And being at the concert, there are so many people surrounding you who know Tool, and so you’re all part of Tool. It’s a whole thing. And we sat next to good people.”  She, like so many others, had a great show.

Throughout the set, drummer Danny Carey proved to be the heartbeat of the performance, maintaining the tone and pacing with his otherwordly skills. His drumming anchored the band’s intricate and progressive sound, which grew more impressive as the night went on.

Ending the show with the beloved “Stinkfist” was an unexpected but well-received surprise, leaving the audience on a high note as they left the arena.

In a world of varied concert experiences, Tool’s performance in Rochester stood out as a testament to the band’s musical prowess. The energy of the crowd, combined with the remarkable production and the band’s undeniable talent, created a night to remember.

As the concert came to a close, Jiana Leao’s enthusiasm and sense of fulfillment echoed the sentiments of the entire audience, many of whom left the venue with the same sense of satisfaction. 

Jiana added one more thought before leaving the arena, “I want to see them again…and meet the drummer. I love Danny Carey.”

Tool once again proved their status as masters of their craft, providing an unforgettable experience that transcended generations and left fans with lasting memories.

Setlist: (Third Eye Intro) > Fear Inoculum, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned (with Lost Keys [Blame Hoffman] intro), Pneuma, Descending, The Grudge, Chocolate Chip Trip, Culling Voices, Invincible, Stinkfist

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