Live: Peter Gabriel I/O Tour Wows Buffalo’s KeyBank Center

Peter Gabriel packed Buffalo’s KeyBank Center Friday for the legendary artist’s I/O Tour. Gabriel, known worldwide as an award-winning musician and activist, did not disappoint. The show was a sensory magic.

Known as both a solo artist and part of Genesis, Gabriel brought a most talented band to accompany him, (Tony Levin: bass and vocals, David Rhodes: guitars and vocals, Manu Katche: drums, Don-E: keyboards, vocals. Richard Evans: guitars, wind instruments. Ayanna Witter-Johnson: cello, piano, vocals. Marina Moore: violin, viola, vocals) and throughout the night he gave it up to his musical family numerous times, introducing them and sharing the accolades as well as the stage.

Throughout the night you would get a glimpse into who Peter Gabriel was; his personality, his views on today’s world, as well as his interests in both music and art. He narrated throughout the night stories and thoughts that inspired particular songs, and along with each was a visual piece of art, a light show, or a form of visual creativeness that heightened the sounds and sights around you.

You saw his playful side as he skipped along the stage, or danced with the other musicians, and you laughed when he called himself out at one point for beginning a song off-key, as he pointed it out and then took a bow, just to come back with the perfect pitch, key, and performance. The whole evening was delightful, the performance stellar, as he sounded perfect.

I’ve always been a fan of this artist, it was a highlight and magical moment for this photojournalist, as it was my final show as a photojournalist. As I lay down my camera and step out of the pit to allow others to make their way and cover shows such as this, it was a perfect ending for me. I highly recommend seeing as it makes its way west throughout the United States. Check out more information about the featured artwork here before the show. You will truly appreciate it.

Set 1: Washing of the Water (Piano with acoustics), Growing Up, (Acoustic; Outro played while Peter spoke), Panopticom, Four Kinds of Horses, i/o, Digging in the Dirt, Playing for Time (Restarted due to piano mistake), Olive Tree, This Is Home, and Sledgehammer

Set 2: Darkness, Love Can Heal (Outro was plagued with lighting issues), Road to Joy, Don’t Give Up, The Court, Red Rain, And Still, Big Time, Live and Let Live, and Solsbury Hill

Encore 1: In Your Eyes

Encore 2: Biko

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