Adam Brooks Band New Double Album ‘Ain’t All About You’ Gets Live Release Party at Ray Brothers BBQ

Adam Brooks first stepped into Ray Brothers BBQ — where he will be promoting his new 22-song double album Ain’t All About You this Saturday — on September 14th, 2015. It was here where he witnessed a community of singer/songwriters and fantastic players on the famed RBQ Blues Night and played with many of them, including Rabbit In the Rye, Same Blood Folk Band, and other legendary local folks.

This community of musicians can be seen as an influence on this piece of art with the many collaborations since and even the thanks in the liner notes. Community is where all great music comes from, and Brooks has a long history of creating such a community with the musicians he surrounds himself whether in the Midwest or creating a rollicking blue grass band in China. The community can be found within this amazing record by Adam Brooks Band who will be tearing up the new, gorgeous indoor stage at Ray Brother’s BBQ Saturday, December 10.

On Ain’t All About You the band featuring Adam Brooks – guitars, vocals, Andrew Carroll – keys, Zach Fleitz – bass and Tyler Wood – drums, percussion, moves easily in and out of rocking numbers such as “Winners and Losers,” a groovy cover (the only one) of Doc Watson’s “Let The Cocaine Be,” dreamy jams on “Nothing To Write Home About” and perfectly orchestrated instrumentals like “Touch Crush.”

The record was engineered and mixed by Jeremy Daniel Johnston and mastered by Shaun Kinney. It’s a rarity these days that an album is released where every track fits so perfectly together, but those of us that have tuned in since Ain’t All About You came out on November 11 know it’s one of those gems that you can play from start to finish. It rocks and rolls in all the right way around your soul and hits all those sweet notes, not to mention lyrics that dig right into the human experience. “Ain’t All About You” Album Cover

You can find the album here along with the five other studio recordings Brooks has available. It’s a testament to a storied career still going strong that Brooks has created such a wonderful album within this community of musicians and friends.

“I got laid off, I was so confused, I had worked so hard and my only severance was the blues, looking back down, I’m feeling lucky for the light that shined to help pull me through,” he sings on the final track “Lucky For Your Light.” It’s another gorgeous track that exhibits a band at the top of its game and this writer can’t wait to see these tracks performed live.

Brooks has shined a light on a lot of people these past seven years since first coming to the area and clearly shines his own light with a phenomenal band onto this record. You won’t want to miss this one as it is the last full band show before he heads out on a Midwest tour. If you can’t make it to Ray Brothers BBQ Saturday, purchase the record on Bandcamp and use it to shine your own light on the community you create each day this holiday season and into 2023.

Saturday, Dec. 10:
Adam Brooks (Band)
*Album Release Concert*
Ray Brothers BBQ
Bouckville, NY 9-11 PM

Saturday, Dec. 17:
Adam Brooks (Solo)
Bullfinch Brewpub
Syracuse, NY 6-8 PM

Thursday, Dec. 29:
Adam Brooks (Solo+Band)
*Album Release Concert | Columbus*
Natalie’s Grandview
Columbus, OH 8:30 PM

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