Pearly Bakers Best Ends a Beautiful Era of Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia Concerts at Funk & Waffles With a Sold Out Banger

Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Cover Band Pearly Baker’s Best has been the house band at Funk & Waffles bringing joy to music lovers every Monday night and touring regionally.

The band’s take on the Dead includes Dylan, The Beatles, Peter Tosh and so much more. The band consists of Charley Orlando (guitar/vocals), Brian Lauri (keyboards/vocals), Eric Brown (lead guitar/vocals), Eric Wise (bass/vocals), Brian Welch (drums/vocals), and Tim Bergen (drums).

They have also had many special guests over the years, including Chris Eves, Jessica Brown, and David Gans, and would also host and play with Melvin Seals, The Terrapin Flyers, and many more. It was a bittersweet night, as Pearly Baker’s Best rocked Funk & Waffles for nearly four hours. Despite it being their final show, they left the audience dancing and smiling the night away and a smoking crater where the stage used to be.

Check out the following images from the final Pearly Baker’s Best concert on Sept. 19. 315 Music sends our gratitude for the many years and dedication and wishes each and every band member and fan all the best. Thank you for the memories!

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