LIVE: Chevelle Rocks Chevy Park

Chevelle rocked the NY State Fair on August 24 at Chevy Park. Chevelle kicked off the show with heavy guitar riffs and a jam fest with “Verruckt” from their latest album NIRATIAS. It was amazing seeing them bounce off each other’s vibes to set the tone of the show.

Chevelle plays a very tight set and may be one of the best-sounding live bands around. They performed a variety of songs from their nine albums in their set.


An Island
Door to Door Cannibals
Self Destructor
Joyride (Omen)
Face to the Floor
Young Wicked
The Clincher
Roswell’s Spell
Hunter Eats Hunter
An Evening With El Diablo
Send the Pain Below
The Red
Comfortable Liar
I Get It
Mars Simula

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