Dream Syndicate founder to Perform at Wildflowers Armory Friday

Steve Wynn, founder of seminal indie rock band The Dream Syndicate is slated to perform a solo show at Wildflowers Armory in Syracuse Friday, Sept. 3. Tickets for the show are still available through Eventbrite here with a number of options available.

The Dream Syndicate’s debut album, The Days of Wine and Roses was released in October 1982 and is considered by many critics and rock fans to be one of the most important rock records of all time. Along with its contemporaries The Replacements and R.E.M., The Dream Syndicate became one of the leading guitar-based bands on college radio in the early to mid-’80s, leading to what would eventually become known as alternative music.

Following The Dream Syndicate’s breakup in 1988, Wynn embarked on a solo career, garnering serious MTV airplay in 1990 with his song “Carolyn” from his solo debut Kerosene Man. Wynn’s Lou Reed/Velvet Underground influences can be felt throughout his career, but he also carries a strong punk aesthetic as well.

When asked about The Dream Syndicate’s breakup, Wynn says:

“As proud as I was of The Dream Syndicate, our music and our accomplishments I felt we had reached our peak and everything that followed would have been a disappointment. I wanted to be a band that broke up while we were still doing our best work.”

Along with his Dream Syndicate and solo work, Wynn has also had success with the indie rock supergroup Gutterball, formed with Bryan Harvey of House of Freaks. Wynn’s lifelong desire to be a sportswriter led to a brief stint writing for Sports Illustrated magazine and also led to the formation of the musical collaboration The Baseball Project with Peter Buck and Mike Mills of R.E.M., Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows and drummer Linda Pitmon of Filthy Friends.

Wynn reformed The Dream Syndicate in 2012 for a series of United Kingdom and United States dates. The band went into the studio in 2017, recording the album How Did I Find Myself Here? These Times followed in 2019 and, most recently, The Universe Inside (2020).

Steve Wynn is alternative rock royalty who tours extensively every year. This show is rescheduled from last year and a unique event in a unique space in the Armory Square District of Downtown Syracuse. Get your tickets here and get yourself down to Wildflowers Armory Friday night.

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