Album Review: Maybe Sunday – ‘Above the Trees’

By Sean Nevison, Staff Writer

Maybe Sunday declares themselves a “psychedelic, alternative, blues, pop, jelly” band.  It’s easy to see why after listening to their new four song EP Above The Trees

Based in the Central New York regions of Rome and Syracuse, the band is composed of Bruce Flanders (guitar, vocals), Jim Grogan (drums, vocals), Julie Grogan (keys and vocals), Bryan Honeywell (guitar, vocals) and Duane Womack (bass, vocals). 

Above The Trees is a  very tight and well-produced recording that features some strong vocals and guitar elements similar to Chris Cornell.  Add in some early U2 melody with great synth slithering over a strong and slick backline with a melancholy bluesy mood and it reminds one very impressively of The War On Drugs.

Each tune carries with it some strong points.  The first track “Used To It” has some incredible lyrics that are fitting for these times. “Wander around in a daze for awhile, just rely on your faith to survive.” Track to “Crutch” has a feel of that anger that Sturgill Simpson brings on his new record.  The intro itself will grab you and reel you into a fantastic rock song.  “That Song” is the third track and in this reviewer’s opinion a favorite of the four.  A beautiful opening falls into a moody rocker with a punk pulse and that captures the lyrics perfectly.  This track is a beautiful ode to lost love and perhaps a forgotten golden age of a generation and trying to find their own identity.

The final track “Free Fall” brings in a dark atmospheric sound.  This is the track that really reminds one of a Chris Cornell – early Black Keys mashup within a really tight and hot track.  As we enter summer this would be the tune you to roll your windows down and turn the dial to 11.  Overall this a great first record and this band will hopefully be getting together soon to rock a live join near you.

The album is available on all streaming platforms and through the band’s website here.

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