goodkids Reunite at The Westcott Theater for a Very Special Album Release Party

Mark your calendars for Saturday night at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse for two incredible sets of music and a very special evening of music with the band goodkids. This special night of music includes a new album drop and their very first public show and record release was at The Westcott Theater. Tickets are available now and going quickly for this one-night-only event. The next album release is being planned to be in Cleveland and Chicago and from these live concerts a new album will come out in 2025.

The band goodkids is the collaboration between vocalist and drummer Giovanni Giardina and lyricist and keyboardist Nick Mazzeo. Their music is mostly conceived in bursts of spontaneity in late hours of the night. At the heart of it can be heavy organ tones, and vocals from behind the drums, and sparse Wurlitzer, and bass grooves that drive each song forward as much as they set them in place. Their debut album Who We Used to Be is a full expression of their signature vocals, that sit between smoky and soulful, that tell a story in the style of a lyrical memoir, or epic poem. With both songwriters originally from Upstate New York, this slate of songs inevitably draws characteristics of the place where they are from. A place that can be overwhelmed by greens but then dominated by grays. That is never too dark but never that light. With many hills, and waters, but much rust. The songs were written and recorded in that environment over the course of several years and many shows and contributions from some of the area’s most exceptional musicians and audio engineers.  

Nick Mazzeo

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