Live: A Night of Rock Bliss: Staind and Godsmack Take Syracuse by Storm

Syracuse witnessed a thunderous night of rock music as Godsmack set their sights on the St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview on August 2. This unforgettable evening celebrated a quarter-century of their musical journey, paying homage to legends who have graced the rock world.

The pyrotechnics roared to life as the curtain dropped, revealing the Godsmack logo and signaling the beginning of an electrifying show. “1000hp” launched the performance, and the intense pyros mesmerized the audience, setting the stage on fire. Godsmack proved that time has only strengthened their musical mastery and stage presence.

Sully Erna, Godsmack’s charismatic lead vocalist, displayed his dynamic range by moving from center stage to the left and right sides, connecting with all fans in the crowd. His good-humored banter created an intimate atmosphere, making the audience feel like they were in the company of an old friend.

The band delved into their latest record, “Lighting Up the Sky,” with the exhilarating “Surrender.” Erna rallied the crowd, urging them to raise their hands high and get lost in the music. After that, they went into their classic hit “Voodoo.” This brought a mellower vibe, with the audience serenading Erna as he conducted them during one of the choruses.

One of the night’s highlights was when Erna and drummer Shannon Larkin engaged in a thrilling drum battle, rocking out to classics like Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.” The playful interplay extended to a Simon Says game with the pyrotechnic team, culminating in a hilarious fake-out by Erna.

Godsmack closed their set with an explosive encore, featuring “Whatever.” As beach balls descended from the ceiling, marked with “Thank you for 25 years” and their logo, the audience felt the band’s gratitude and connection with their loyal fan base.

During the encore, Erna took to the piano, which bore a QR code for his charitable foundation, The Scars Foundation. With “Under Your Scars” as the backdrop, he passionately spoke about the foundation’s mission and the importance of supporting it. Erna also paid heartfelt tribute to lost legends like Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Amy Winehouse, and Dimebag Darrell, sending them a wave of energy.

Godsmack left the stage to thunderous applause, their legacy intact and their fans forever devoted.

Staind’s Triumphant Return

Prior to Godsmack’s explosive set, Staind took the stage, marking their triumphant return after a long hiatus. Although lead singer Aaron Lewis may not be the most physically active performer, his passionate delivery and heartfelt lyrics captivated fans in the audience, from the front of the stage way back to the packed lawn.

Lewis shared the story behind “Epiphany,” revealing that it was inspired by his struggle with ADHD before realizing he had the condition. He commented that this song makes more sense to him after all these years. This revelation added depth to their performance and a sense of personal connection with the crowd.

The hometown pride was also palpable as Staind’s drummer, Sal Giancarelli, who hails from the Auburn area, performed in front of family and friends. You could hear the roar of support from the audience as Lewis introduced him. 

The band closed their set with their classic hit, “Mudshovel,” delivering an old-school, heavy Staind experience that left the crowd screaming in approval.

Mix Master Mike’s Energetic Opening

The night began with Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, who set the stage on fire with his eclectic mixes of classic and contemporary tracks. His skillful blending of Beastie Boys classics into his setlist energized the crowd and turned the pit into a bouncing, nightclub-like atmosphere.

Mix Master Mike’s ability to weave together older and newer songs, along with some of his own Beastie Boys tracks, effectively excited the audience, preparing them for the epic performances that followed.

In Syracuse, on this unforgettable night, the Godsmack-Staind duo, along with Mix Master Mike’s explosive opening, showcased the enduring power of rock music and the deep connection between artists and their devoted fans. It was a celebration of resilience, unity, and the timeless appeal of hard rock.

See photos from the show below:

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