Destinations: The Back Door Bar in Old Forge Provides Live Music With a Strong, Diverse & Fun-Filled Lineup

The Back Door Bar in Old Forge is bringing a ton of live music to the ADKs this summer with a strong lineup filled with rock, country, blues, soul, jazz, hip-hop, DJs, and more. The Back Door is located in the easily accessible downtown area of Old Forge. The other half of the establishment is the Front Door Diner, which is open for breakfast and lunch.

In the afternoon the Back Door Diner opens with great food, a fun indoor lodge-like bar with a stage and dance floor, though most of the music will be outside weather permitting. There is ample space in the large parking lot with a raised rooftop deck as well that overlooks the lake and local attractions. A perfect location for celebrating this summer.

315 Music recently sat down with owner Tom Greco to discuss the summer music lineup and what being part of the Old Forge community is all about.

Sean Nevison: What is your goal in bringing such an incredible lineup to the Old Forge Community?

Tom Greco: To bring together locals, second homeowners, and tourists.  We just want people to smile, laugh, and dance while having a good time.

SN: What is the importance of music in bringing people together? 

TG: The actual sound of music creates a sense of comfort as people come together. It helps for conversations among strangers. It creates a background noise for people to feel welcome wherever they are going. Music simply provides.

SN: If the community responds and is supportive of the music will you keep programming more?

TG: We are always looking to bring in bigger acts or keep constantly booking with our talent near and far.  We’d really like to utilize more of our parking lot as a bigger venue in the near future. I also can foresee a music and art festival occurring in the spring or fall down at our lakefront.

SN: What is your favorite part about being a business owner/community member in Old Forge?

TG: Whether it’s employees, friends, family, or guests, providing for people is my favorite part of being in the position that I am.

SN: What is your favorite food you serve at the Front Door Dinner or Back Door Bar?

TG: Definitely the chicken parm sub!

Check out the poster below for the lineup of great local and regional music coming to the Back Door Bar this summer.

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