Binghamton Scene: An Interview with Pleasure Dome

Photo courtesy of Matt Payton

Binghamton’s music scene has a lot to offer and you are missing out if you haven’t kept your pulse on the bands performing there. Pleasure Dome is a female-fronted band that brings ’90s vibes to their sound.

Take a look inside this amazing up-and-coming band with their 315 Music interview.

Peter Ives-Drums
Erin Meehan-Synth
Brandon Musa-Guitar
Jeff Howard-Bass and Synth
Beauty Love-Vocals

315 Music: What is the local music scene like in Binghamton?
Peter Ives: There are a lot of younger bands that are very active which is pretty fucking cool.
Beauty Love: It is disjointed in a lot of ways, but people seem eager to go to shows. 

315 Music: How did the band get its name? 
Beauty Love: We lifted it from a nudie club in PA.
Erin Meehan: We got it from a Kenneth Anger movie called Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. 

315 Music: How did the band meet?
Meehan: Brandon and Peter have known each other for years and have played in several bands and toured together throughout the years. Jeff met them through the music scene years ago. Beauty Love walked into the bar they work at and she got a job there with them. Erin met Brandon through mutual friends and then became neighbors with Peter a couple of years later. 

315 Music: What song do you feel has been the best song the band has released so far? And why
Ives: “Lucky Star.” It’s the latest thing we’ve released and you can move your body to it.
Beauty Love: The best hasn’t been released yet, so come to a show to hear it.

315 Music: Can you give us a little insight into your songwriting and recording process? What inspires you during that process?
Ives: Our cats Big, Sonny, and Hank.

315 Music: Who are some of your musical influences?
Brandon Musa: Kraftwerk, Buck Owens and His Buckaroos, New Order, Alice Coltrane, Big L, Ramones, Dick Dale and the Deltones, and Lee Hazlewood.
Beauty Love: “Lucky Star” is based on a series of nightmares, but I was listening to “Be My Baby” every day and wanted to write something simple and a little saccharine.

315 Music: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?
Jeff Howard: Whatever your interpretation of it may be. 

315 Music: What is the best thing a fan has done for the band that you appreciated?
Musa: People on the web sharing photos of themselves wearing our t-shirts and showing love is pretty rad!
Beauty Love: We’re lucky to have friends invite us to play shows and open their homes to us when we’re out of town!

315 Music: Can you tell me about your new EP that is out now?
Ives: We did a split with our homies in New Expressions. It was produced and mixed at Abandoned Studios by our close pal Mike Micha.
Howard: Each band plays a ’60s cover and an original. 

Beauty Love: There is a theme of dreams and longing through all the songs that was only by chance.

315 Music: Besides the band what other passions or creative ventures do you have?
Meehan: Hiking, dancing, watching movies together. 

315 Music: Do you have any other shows coming up after?
Musa: We will be playing

July 15 – Funk n Waffles, 307-313 Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY

July 24 – 73 The Circuit, Binghamton, NY

We are also playing ahead of the Boy Harsher movie screening in Cleveland (the date is unknown as of now).

You can check out Pleasure Dome’s music at Bandcamp and Spotify. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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