LIVE: Enter the Haggis Returns to The Wescott

It was two years ago, March 2020, I would see my last show at The Wescott Theater in Syracuse, Enter the Haggis. Little did we all know at the time that the world would shut down and life would be different for the next two years. Fast forward to March of 2022, and I once again found myself at the Wescott watching the same band, and life finally felt normal. With a hefty crowd and a new, improved look to the venue, it was a warm welcome back.

Celtic rock fans love Enter the Haggis. Their fans, known as Haggis Heads, are unwavering. I have seen this first-hand. This diverse group continues to grow with each performance and each album they put out. This band’s musical talent and creativity is ever-evolving as well. Their latest album, Archer’s Parade, is a true example of this. New songs from the new album, “Archer’s Parade”, “Shangri-La,” “Dryden Mine,” and “Gone,” are already fan-favorites, with fans singing along just as they do with other favorites from the extensive Haggis catalog.

What makes this band unique is their mix of musical genres and knowledge of their instruments. They interchange musical instruments without skipping a beat. It’s beyond impressive. Having followed this band for more than a decade, I still learn new things each performance. I’m sure I’ve heard them perform “Broken Line” before. It was at this performance however where, I learned that it’s about guitarist Trevor Lewington’s grandfather who set out to stop a pipeline from being laid through his land. Thirty years later, he won his fight, proving that you should always stand up for what you believe in.

It’s the blend of everything together (the mix of sounds, the stories the lyrics tell, and the delivery of the band with their audience), that makes it an Enter the Haggis sound. The addition of Rose Baldino, of Burning Bridget Cleary and House of Hamill, lends a breath of fresh air to the band and has added some pep to their step.

Fans were also treated to special guest Caroline Brown from House of Hamill, who is filling in for Mark Abraham on bass on this tour. The band melds perfectly, delivering another outstanding show. Check out their schedule as they make their way throughout the northeast this spring.

Setlist: Dryden Mine, Shangri-La, Lived A Life, Fast, Gasoline, Getaway Car, Salvation, Rose of Tyrone, Split, Whip, The Archer’s Parade, Broken Line, The Basket or The Blade, King’s Daughters, Gone, Year of the Rat, Can’t Trust the News, Letters, Lancaster Gate, Salonika, No More Stones, One Last Drink, Gutter Anthem, and Down With Ship Encore: Balto, Mrs. Elliott

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