LIVE: The Roots Funk up Chevy Park

The New York State Fair was treated to a two-hour set from the legendary Roots, who served as a fill-in for Third Eye Blind at Chevy Park on Thursday. The late-arriving crowd was treated to a funky set full of Roots originals as well as tributes and covers.

This extremely talented band proved exactly why they are the best band on television as they took a break from their regular gig as Jimmy Fallon’s house band on The Tonight Show; tackling everything from their trademark hip-hop sound to late ’60s soul to blues and even a bit of metal.

Led by frontman Black Thought and drummer Questlove, the band drew more and more people to the west end stage as the set wore on, leaving many wishing they had arrived earlier in the night.

After two straight hours of music and fun, the band exited as Questlove tossed drum sticks and a hand-decorated drum head into the crowd.

This was the group’s second straight appearance at the New York State Fair and based on last night’s performance and audience reception, surely isn’t its last.

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