Album Review: Nashua Robb’s Debut EP is touching and powerful

“The Sunroom Sessions: About Time” Released July 9th, 2021

Photo By Seth Becker

Nashua Robb’s debut EP is much like his personality, solid as an oak tree, but delicately swaying in the turmoil of humanity’s storm, while finding the beauty in the thunder and lightning. Robb played most of the instruments on this 5 track recording and his skills shine through in a thoughtful and wonderfully polished effort.

The first track “Wind Up” kicks off with a steady backline that slides right along with the vocals and the lyrical beauty as the soft organ blends into the chorus. Some very catchy guitar riffs pick up into the crescendo and this track is a perfect metaphor for the EP in it’s entirety as it comes together so simply while questioning the experience of being a human. “Red Wing” is a tender masterpiece. The second track begins with lovely fingerpicking, “Got no angel on my shoulder, they’re a little more down to Earth, Close to me everyday, though I bring them through the dirt…” Robb sings. The piano and cello parts smoothly mixed with the vocals, “They’re built to last and here to stay, two good souls to guide my way, built to love and here to stay, two good souls to guide my way.” Overall a remarkably touching song.

I asked Robb about his songwriting process and inspiration. “Aside from slow? There’s typically a progression or phrase that becomes a direct catalyst or will eventually be progenitor of a full song. To be completely corny and vague; life IS the inspiration. It’s a mess of moments and experiences that we can both shudder at or stand in awe of at any given time. Musicians that can spin a great story are always at the top of my list, John Prine, John Moreland, Ben Gibbard, Frank Turner. As of late I’m attracted to music that is rooted in folk & country but plays on a symbiotic mix of old and new. For example and acoustic guitar & a drum machine.”

The third song “Skipping Stones” is another lyrical treat and as the opening line fades, the mellow beat kicks in. The listener could close their eyes and imagine the warmth from a campfire under the stars of Upstate NY as the tune shares that warm soulfulness.

“Heart of Mine” takes it up another notch with a rollicking upbeat song that reminds one of The Band or The Wood Brothers. It will have you stomping or clapping along with fun lingering banjo parts to boot. “What you keep this company, it’s plain to see it drives you mad, what hurts the most defy the ghost of a good time you never had…” The songwriting and playing here showcase Robb’s maturity as a writer and musician.

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The final track, “Change” begins with a haunting refrain. Thoughtful lyrics about relationships, advice, kindness and the complexities of human consciousness and wanting to hold on while letting go flow through the song with the beauty of a person learning to find peace within. A wonderful sentiment that is much needed in this world we live in now. This writer would recommend this record to anybody looking for that as well as anyone who is a fan of incredible songwriting and an album mixed precisely with the perfect dash of love and soul.

I asked Robb when this EP was recorded and how it felt finishing it. “I went into the studio in late February and was done tracking by mid March. I took my time for some promo and released it July 9th this year.  at this point it means that I can get something done. Making these songs and playing them live is incredible but the process of setting them “in stone” is extremely satisfying. It’s also is a fool proof way to bring finality to a set of tunes. Nothing says “this is done, time to make more” like a great recording that you’re proud of.” We are certainly proud of Nash Robb and grateful for this beautiful album he has put out into the world.

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