10 Years Has a Pulse on the World with New Album ‘Violent Allies’

Not all musicians can create music that taps into an art form and can make it “radio friendly” like 10 Years does. That is what makes 10 Years a band that is severely underrated in the rock world. 10 Years’ new album Violent Allies, released on September 18, is one of the best albums they have recorded since The Autumn Effect.

Violent Allies feels like a band that has returned to itself. That vibe is evident in every song on this record. Violent Allies sounds more true to how 10 Years sounds performing live as well, especially on the heavier tracks such as “Dejavu,” “Cut the Cord,” and “Sleep in the Fire.”

The first single, “The Shift” was eerily right on and a track fans can relate to because of everything that has been going on in the world with the pandemic. “The Unknown” lyrics were also accurate with current world events and it seems like the band was able to have their pulse on the world as if they were predicting the future when they were recording this album at the end of 2019. The piano part in “The Unknown” was a chilling addition which made it stand out on this record.

10 Years is known for hard-hitting and personal lyrics, which is another layer that makes Violent Allies such an incredible album. The lyrics on this album makes the listener feel the personal connection lead vocalist Jesse Hasek has to them. It is evident that Hasek poured his heart and soul into the lyrics in “Waiting,” and “Say Goodbye.” “Say Goodbye” is a very personal song for Hasek being about him recently losing his grandfather. This track is so well done musically and lyrically and can bring comfort to anyone who has suffered through a loss of a loved one.

“Start Again” is another strong track that also gives hope to fans that are struggling in their lives. “Set me free, free from myself. It’s only when we’ve lost everything we are free to start again, start again.” It is a very powerful song and tells the listener that they have it in themselves to overcome and carry on. And that hitting rock bottom can “set you free” to build yourself back up again.

Violent Allies is a true testament to the talent 10 Years possesses as a band. This album is a reflection of how much they have grown musically over the years. 10 Years put their focus, blood, sweat and tears into this record. It can not only be hard but also felt in every guitar riff, drum beat and lyric.

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