Aaron Kamm and the One Drops Light Up The Yard Amphitheater

In the rolling hills of Central NY The Yard Amphitheater at Ray Brothers BBQ has emerged as one of the best run outdoor Amphitheaters in New York State. When they hosted Aaron Kamm and the One Drops with support from Nina’s Brew Saturday nigh,t it was very easy to see why. The huge crowd came for the amazing smoked meats and stayed for an incredible show. On a cool summer night the trees glowed with bulbs, a fire-pit roared and the outdoor bar was rocking, as was the stage.

Burlington, VT based four piece band, Nina’s Brew, kicked off the night with a set of originals and covers that drew the audience in. Giovanina Bucci has been playing professionally for many years now and since moving back east from Colorado, has exploded onto the music scene. This past year they were voted into Grace Potter’s Grand Point North Music Festival sharing the stage with Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats and more. Nina’s Brew is a tight soul band, mixed with elements of folk, rock and the blues. Their harmonies are some of the tightest in rock history which really sets them apart.

Nina’s Brew – Photo by Pam Merritt

After a quick breakdown, the stage was set for Aaron Kamm And the One Drops hailing from St. Louis. The sun had just sunk and trails of pink hung underneath the stars illuminatin the silhouettes of windmills on the surrounding hills that backdrop The Yard Amphitheater. Kamm wasted no time into showing of his chops. The sound was crystal clear and captured each note with a precise mix for this tight three piece unit. The band would be swaying with a reggae beat one moment, and the next, delving into a funk jam that could be compared to some of Stevie’s Wonder’s best material. Kamm would then surprise you with an all-out blues riff, laced with solo trades between himself and the back line that if one had their eyes closed would think Gary Clarke Jr, or The Black Keys were onstage.

Photo: Pam Merritt

The crowd immediately rushed the stage as the first notes dropped, as this was Aaron Kamm and the One drops return show after a very successful gig on the same stage in 2018. The combination of this band blowing up and this music venue selling thousands of tickets to their shows this summer made for a perfect night under the stars at Ray Brother’s BBQ. This band and this venue suited each other so well, and be sure to check out both Aaron Kamm and Nina’s Brew in your neighborhood. Swing by Ray Brothers BBQ for some tasty food and exploding summer concert series.

Photo: Pam Merritt

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