In Focus: Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment Rock Binghamton

There aren’t many rock shows that roll through Binghamton, so when Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment filled the near sold-out Broome County Arena on July 24, 2019, things got heated to say the least.

In This Moment brought their unique stage set and put on such an amazing performance. ITM puts on more than a show, it is truly a mesmerizing performance that leaves you wanting to see more. They ended their set strong with “Whore.” Their dancers came out dressed in Handmades Tale costumes, which was such a great nod to the series and leaves you wondering why thier song hasn’t been used in the series.

Headlining the show was Five Finger Death Punch. The tour was a mini break from their new album recording. It is amazing seeing how far this band has come. The band has had its ups and downs, but this show they gave everything they had to make it a great experience for Binghamton fans. You can tell singer Ivan Moody has found his happiness again on stage and that he loves connecting with their fans.

Five Finger Death Punch will be going out on another Headlining tour this Fall starting in November and this was a great warm up mini tour.

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