Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Strip Down & Turn Up

Dave Matthews fans flock miles and miles to see him; whether it’s with his full band or stripped down with his guitarist Tim Reynolds, the show is going to be magnificent. Performing this past week at CMAC was no different. Playing to a packed house, the duo once again brought the magic.

Setlist: Save Me, Grace Is Gone, Grey Street, Come Tomorrow, Don’t Drink the Water, Stay or Leave, The Stone, The Best of What’s Around, When the World Ends, Crush Tim solo, Do You Remember, #41, Fool to Think , Funny the Way It Is, Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back), Cornbread, (Tim Reynolds solo), Dancing Nancies, You & Me, Warehouse , The Space Between, Two Step.

Encore: Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson), Lie in Our Graves, Ants Marching.

All Photos taken by Tony Delco, for NYS Music.

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