Hearing Aide: Doom Boys ‘All I See Is Doom’

Doom Boys are a new three piece band from Upstate New York with a brand new EP titled, All I See Is Doom. The five-song record was released April 19, and is available on CD and streaming services. The band consists of Zach Collins (Same Blood Folk, Son Bully) on lead vocals and guitar, Alex Lavon (Rabbit In The Rye, Byclops) on bass guitar and Blaze DiStefano on drums.

Doom Boys formed after New York City studio musician, DiStefano, relocated Upstate and the trio began recording in his home studio. This EP delves deep into the human psyche and struggle of a cynical world, lyrically. Collin’s writing is very timely, and although dark, it has elements of hope in notion that we are all in this together. One can tell that over the two years the group has been playing together, they have become very tight. The title track, “All I See Is Doom,” is a raucous journey of heavy blues, straight rock-and-roll, and an element of intense garage fuzz. All three band members have been playing professionally for over a decade and the mix on this EP is exquisite. Each player clearly celebrates the talent of one another and it comes through in this superb recording.

All I See Is Doom rips through each track with incredible lyrics and a synergy in the sound, that builds and crescendos in a wave of hits that will rock you down to your core. If you are a fan of The Black Keys, The White Stripes or old school blues musicians, this record will be right up your alley. The Doom Boys have produced an excellent first EP and have a bright future with this bold and loud new sound. Up until the surprise ending, as they take a shot at themselves, “All I See Is Doom” creates a unique and fresh identity, and then-some.

Key Tracks: All I See Is Doom, All My Heroes, Teeth


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