The Felice Brothers Drop Remarkable New Album, ‘Asylum On The Hill’ Ahead of New Years Run of Shows

The Felice Brothers will be hitting the road again this December with a limited run of five shows in support of an exciting surprise full album release After a Northeast tour in June, the band has been in the studio creating Asylum On The Hill. One can only hope these songs are featured on what is sure to be a brilliant albeit brief set of concerts to ring in the New Year. Tickets are on sale now and going fast.

Asylum On The Hill is a brilliant record. The maturation of this current lineup, the band’s hiatus, the callbacks to past records, and the incredible harmonies and perfect mix make this album one of the best in their storied discography. Track one, “Candy Gallows,” begins with swelling vocals and dives into a fun, upbeat song with an energy that builds like a Fruit Bats song. “Strawberry Blonde,” the second tune, and “Susie Was a Skeleton,” the seventh song on Asylum remind this writer of the band’s efforts on the underrated album Celebration Florida from 2011, conjuring an almost slapstick sing-along style that is uniquely their own.

Track three, “Abundance” is an absolute banger and James Felice takes over lead vocals, harkening back to a beautiful rocker. More polished than their live record Tonight At The Arizona but with the same soul. This moves back into an Ian Felice song that also rollicks so easily, just like how he feels upon his frets. “Teeth In The Tabloids” is brilliant and proves once again that The Felice Brothers as songwriters are amongst the best alive.

“Birds of The Wild West,” the tenth track is an upbeat, and rich-sounding tune filled with beautiful imagery and longing. This is sure to be a crowd favorite at live performances and hits all the high marks for the band’s devout fan base to call and respond with James Felice’s accordion soaring throughout, a tight backline holding steady, and Ian Felice’s always sharp guitar licks.

“Asylum On The Hill” is a journey into the desolation of a nation during WWII. It flows beautifully, almost as the Hudson River James Felice references in the final track “What Will You Do Know.”

Any fan of The Band, Woody Guthrie, or Dylan needs to listen to The Felice Brothers if they have not already. Asylum On The Hill proves that this band is the quintessential sound of Americana today. Fans will not be disappointed, as this record is a masterpiece from start to finish. The album is only available on bandcamp and the group asks that you do not share the downloads, in threat of a curse.

All jokes aside, this record is worth far more than they are asking. Be generous and download it, buy your tickets now, and support one of the greatest bands of our time. Excuse me while I play this record on repeat the rest of the weekend.

Tour dates:

Dec. 27 – Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn

Dec. 28 – The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

Dec. 29 – Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Dec. 30 – Colony, Woodstock

Dec. 31 – Colony, Woodstock

“Asylum On The Hill” Cover Art by Ian Felice — Release date: 12/15/2023

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