Save a Prayer: Duran Duran Coming to CMAC

Brace yourselves for a view to a kill as Duran Duran graces the stage at Constellation Brands Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC) in Canandaigua on September 3rd!

With albums that have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, Duran Duran has etched their name in the annals of music history. Their iconic hits have been the soundtrack to generations and their music videos revolutionized the industry, earning them a spot as pioneers of the MTV era and helping establish the protocol to success.

Duran Duran continues to deliver electrifying performances, proving that their musical prowess and stage presence are as vibrant as ever. Expect nothing less than a night of pure, unadulterated magic as they belt out classics and newer tracks alike.

Witness living legends in action, dance the night away to timeless hits like “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio,” and create unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Duran Duran’s music, energy, and charisma live on stage in the beautiful setting of Canandaigua.

Get your tickets now and prepare for a night of pure musical nostalgia and contemporary brilliance.

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