Woody Guthrie Center to host ‘This Land Is Your Land: A Celebration of 80 Years’ at New York City’s Town Hall

Eight decades ago, Woody Guthrie wrote the iconic folk song “This Land Is Your Land.” The Woody Guthrie Center is commemorating the occasion by hosting an event at NYC’s Town Hall. The location is significant because it’s just around the corner from where Guthrie wrote the song on February 23, 1940. The show will be held February 23, with doors opening at 7:30. Tickets are on sale now.

“For 80 years, ‘This Land is Your Land’ has been for many of us an alternate national anthem. Woody’s lyrics are timeless as they praise the beauty and bountiful resources of our country, but they also question the way we share and care for those rich blessings. The Woody Guthrie Center is proud to be gathering friends from along that ribbon of highway to join us in the same neighborhood where Woody wrote these important words to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the song—and we will be singing ALL of the verses Woody wrote on that day.”

Deana McCloud, Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Center

A proponent of social justice, Guthrie’s original version contained verses about private property and poverty, which were as relevant in the post-Depression era as they are today. These political verses, contained in the original manuscript, were later dropped.

The evening will feature special guests, including Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. John Fullbright, Branjae Gangstagrass, and Haley Heynderickx will also make appearances.


All proceeds from the show will help the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, OK, as they further their mission of sharing Guthrie’s message of diversity, equality and social justice. For more information, visit woodyguthriecenter.org.

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