Hearing Aide: Citris ‘Delusions of Glamour’

Brooklyn’s Citris has an animated energy synonymous with an experienced on the L-Train, when some bare chested entrepreneurs decided to bust into a dance routine. It’s a flash of joy when the rest of the day remains unsurprising; it’s that sort of spontaneity and uncertainty that Delusions of Glamour inspires.

Citris has grunge rock principles, but remind listeners of experimental metal. While they’ve been described as a ‘pop grunge act,’ “Hell is a Place on Earth” vibrated with metal nuances, instantly. It’s Gwar infused with System of a Down’s political and social angst.

Cirtis’ Angelina Torreano experiments with vocal passages, vocoder layering, and finds a way to lyrically loop varying emotional moods within a single song.

Delusions of Glamour will also appeal to fans of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors. It has solid, intricate drumming, lyrical themes of toxic relationships and societal disagreements, and incredible instrumentation throughout. They’re never scared to have intricate harmonies, with little bass lines like in the song “Genetic Makeup” that keep your ears glued to the track. Citris is a group to stream and enjoy during the remaining bitter sweet days of autumn.

Key Tracks: Genetic Makeup, Hell is a Place on Earth

Via LivePhish

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