Yung Gravy Delivers Rotisserie Chicken to Terminal 5

Yung Gravy brought the love to Terminal 5 on Saturday in the form of rotisserie chicken. A 23 year old rapper out of Minnesota, Yung Gravy’s music is inseparable from its humor, defined by its positive quality and littered with charismatic moments such as that of gassing up Mrs. Butterworth.

His live performance radiates the same spirit, hand delivering water and scraps of rotisserie chicken. All this while still maintaining an exceptional energy with moments like parting the crowd down the entire venue and backflipping out of crowd-surfs.

Later in the show, bbno$ joined the stage and closed the show performing “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot” along side SavageRealm in a giant thrifted doll mask.

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