Banks Shows Off Her Dance Moves in Brooklyn

Banks brought her energetic live show to Brooklyn Steel on September 10 in support of her fantastic new LP, III. This was a second night added due to the first night on September 8 selling out so quickly.

Kevin Garrett opened the night with a soulful, beat-backed set of ballads. The crowd was full of Kevin Garrett fans as they willed him on by, singing and dancing along. His new album Hoax, released back in March of this year, was a nice complement to the evening, setting a warm tone but not stealing away any energy from Banks.

Kevin Garrett at Brooklyn Steel – Photo: Joseph Buscarello

As the stage hands removed the opening band’s instruments, it was immediately clear that Banks would be dancing from one end of the stage to the other. With a keyboard set-up far stage left and a drum kit far stage right, the entire Brooklyn Steel stage was turned into Banks’ and co. personal dance floor – and they sure used every inch.

Banks at Brooklyn Steel – Photo: Joseph Buscarello

The audience was in full-throat for every song – belting out all the lyrics and trying to mimic Banks’ dance moves on the packed GA floor. Some of the more adventurous dancers drifted to the back of the room and the balcony where there was ample space to dance.

Banks at Brooklyn Steel – Photo: Joseph Buscarello

This is only the start of the III World Tour. Banks continues in North America through October then hits Europe in November.

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