Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Final Shows Before Maternity Leave

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds have announced a final stint of shows before an unknown hiatus. Remarkably, Arleigh Kincheloe has a second baby on the way, due in October. But that has not stopped her from holding true to the nitty-gritty Dirty Bird funk that goes down each and every time the band hits the stage.

Press Photo By Kevin Condon

The Dirty Birds had just performed a free show at Athens Riverfront Park in Athens, NY. For the last three dates fans will flock to Chattanooga, TN; Jersey City, NJ and a final cap at Brooklyn Bowl on September 14.

Kincheloe told NYS in a phone interview how it is just time to take a break from the road, rightfully so. However the front-woman stuck out the entirety of her pregnancy touring on the road, where as she did not with her first child. Despite the reactions by some fans, mothers especially, this is a true gift, taking the bands family ties to a second generation. Kincheloe is nothing short of grateful and glowing to be moving around stage with her child. Spiritually, and quite literally, Kincheloe feels her newborn-to-be on stage with her, making for a unique and special run of final shows.

Arleigh, rocking out with her newborn-to-be in Athens, last Friday.

Touring vigorously with Kincheloe’s latest realise Gold, the band spent the latter half of 2018 and early 2019 on the road selling out venues, including the accliamed Levon Helm Studios. Gold was produced and co-written in collaboration with Carter Matschullat (Chef’Special, Secret Weapons) at Brooklyn’s DØØM Studio, and made NYS Music’s Best Album of the Year in 2018, below.

The glimmer of Gold  has caught our eyes. The overanxious wait for another Dirty Bird release had us on edge. In the past three years we have been deprived of the nitty-gritty funk powerhouse and soulful horn section that is Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. While Gold is everything we want, this record is a spotlight on the undeniable front-woman Arleigh Kincheloe, a.k.a Sister Sparrow. This razors edge has captivated fans – a blend between modern-pop shimmer, electronic accents and that Dirty Bird flare.

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September 7  | Moon River Festival  | Chattanooga, TN

September 13  | White Eagle Hall  | Jersey City, NJ

September 14  | Brooklyn Bowl  | Brooklyn, NY

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