Hearing Aide: Young Cobain’s Single “I Got It”

Written By Justin Smith  

Young Cobain’s latest single, “I Got It,” is a unique blend of emo rap and alternative rock that draws influence from artists of multiple, diverse genres. The effort to combine digital instruments with live instruments bonds the mix together to create a melodic tune that flows effortlessly. It’s difficult as an artist to find the right balance. Young Cobain is able to execute this task smoothly in a way that blurs the thick lines between genres.  

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Finding himself immersed in a story of heartbreak and betrayal, his unforgiving lyrics are directed towards an old lover, that decides an attempt to reconcile with the artist only after he rose to fame.  The story begins with Young Cobain flipping burgers and bumming cigarettes, wondering where his partner is while he’s in a low point. His fame suddenly sky rockets, and his life is coincidently filled with friends and girls all of the sudden. These fearless lyrics express his frustration about people trying to ride his wave of success, and gain everything they can while it lasts. The story ends in a refreshing tone as Cobain belts out that she had her chance to reach out to him, but now he’s too occupied with his Benz.  Ouch!       

Young Cobain is able to easily convey his emotions and channel them into his music.  Combining influences from different genres in his own creative way proves that this mixed style is Young Cobain’s forte. Throughout his heartfelt story of his struggles with love and fame, Young Cobain proves himself a resilient icon that is thriving through his lyrics and music.  Expect to see Young Cobain on huge lineups and consistently producing music. 

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