Dark Star Orchestra to Pair with Stony Creek Brewery August 1

New York State is boasting with amazing talent and artists across all genres. Inevitably an overwhelming sea of music has drifted down the shorelines into Branford, CT. This coming Thursday, August 1, Dark Star Orchestra will find themselves split between Stony Creek Brewery and the picturesque Branford River that runs out into Long Island Sound.

What’s better than beer and Music? In tandem with GoodWorks Entertainment, The Cranky Concert Series, named after the breweries iconic IPA, has hosted several groups ripe in NYS Music’s wheelhouse of regularly coverage. And for those heavy IPA drinkers, the Double Cranky is a must try at 9.5% ABV. So kick back, relax and jam on as Dark Star takes you on a trip, that you can sip along to.

The show is 21+ with tickets ranging from $45 to $97 for VIP with open bar on the brewery’s second level, with balcony viewing. GA tickets are standing room and food trucks will be available. Doors at 4:30pm and the show kicks off at 6:00pm, rain or shine. Stony Creek Brewery is located at 5 Indian Neck Ave. in Branford, CT.

We work with a company called GoodWorks who books all the talent, we’ve done a couple concerts with them so far and its been amazing. The fact that we have such an amazing location on the water; and we have gotten so many more people that would not have normally come to the brewery before to see great music.

Ali Turnbull, Event Coordinator – Stony Creek Brewery

Unbox, Dark Star Orchestra; a continuation of spirit, improvisation and the greatest acid-trip, that ever was, the Grateful Dead. In the midst of digging, we teleport back to the sounds we fell in love with in 1965, obsessed over by ‘69, and post ‘96, we’re left, only aching for more. Dark Star (DSO) is NOT a cover band. They give birth to all that is Dead, then reinterpret it in modern day. DSO is a time capsule – like the vivid memories, postcards and totems we buried long ago.

Chuck DeFilippo
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Dark Star Orchestra is the idiom of self-expression. In true honor of the Grateful Dead, DSO has made this genre all-inclusive – pulling from rock, jazz, country, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, psychedelia and blues. For Koritz, the list goes on. A melting-pot would be far too mundane to describe this stew.

Their testimony goes out to Deadheads and non-cult listeners alike. There is a common thread that weaves through our mind and ears. It’s music. “They hear it and say WOW” added Koritz. “Pretty much everybody will find something.” And when you get confused, just listen to the music play.

Citizen Cope at SCB with beer, music and good vibes. Photo by: Alessandra DiFortunato

Vermont heavy-hitters, Twiddle, will be keeping the brewery-party alive on August 29 & 30 apart of Stony Creek Brewery’s Cranky Concert Series.

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