Hearing Aide: Hasty Page ‘Things To Do Before I Die’

Hasty Page’s Official release Party for Things To Do Before I Die is set for June 21 at The Linda WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio located in Albany NY. Tickets are $12.00 and the show kicks off at 8:00PM. The band will be continuing to support their new album with dates slated through the summer.

It’s been two long years since the Queensbury based alt/indie rock power trio Hasty Page has released new recorded material. Fans will be pleased to know that the wait is over with the release of their second full length LP Things To Do Before I Die, which dropped yesterday, June 20. This 11-track gem is a great follow up to their last release, Distance, and features tasty hooks that give the listener a whole lot. Hasty Page is comprised of Josh Morris (Lead Vocals/Drums), Zane Agnew (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and James Paolano (Bass/Vocals). The band was formed in 2015 and has sound that is reminiscent of such acts as The 1975, Nothing But Thieves and Pearl Jam.

Morris and Zane Agnew began playing acoustic duo shows around New York’s Capital Region, where they honed both their playing skills as well as their songwriting. A few months in, close family friend James Paolano was added to the roster on bass to fill out the trio. Since then, they have been playing regularly out in the Capital Region at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, Jupiter Hall, and even made the trip down to the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

Things To Do Before I Die starts out in a very unique way with its first track “Sleep.” The tune is a mellow trance inducing intro that perfectly matches its title. The song features heavy synth and overdubbed vocals that paint a warm spacey dreamscape for the listener. The track quickly crescendos into a shockingly climatic vocal command, “GO TO SLEEP!,” after which the number abruptly ends. The second track, “Wake Up,” is a jolt back to reality that relies heavily on guitar, featuring a tasty musical hook. The song is a sort of call to arms, that lyrically challenges listeners to wake up to the problems that surround them in the world. Morris’ vocal chant, “One in ten of us all pretend,” eludes that people need to take a hard look around themselves and shake off the trance that they fall into while living their mundane everyday lives.

“Body Shots” is a guitar driven groove fest that highlights both Agnew’s funky guitar playing and Paolano rock steady bass beat. The song is upbeat and perfect for playing out live. The band is tight on this number and the boys are playing to their strengths, drawing on the experience that only a live performance can provide. It features catchy lyrics that reference drinking and sports, a beat made for getting out on the dance floor and moving your feet. “Body Shots” is one of the strongest pieces on the LP.


Perhaps the most radio friendly track on Things To Do Before I Die is the seventh track “Vices.” The single opens with an orchestrated synth introduction that is reminiscent of The Kings Of Leon and effortlessly transitions into Morris’ infectious vocal. The melody and chorus on this song are so pleasing that it makes perfect sense; Hasty Page would commit their time and energy into creating an expensively produced video for the tune. Although “Vices” features less of Agnew’s signature guitar sound and drifts more into the musical direction of pop, it is a catchy number that is memorable and is destined to be a fan favorite.


Key Tracks: Vices, Body Shots, Wake Up

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