Hearing Aide: Stella Hill ‘EP’

Sit back, unwind and enjoy the sounds that modern American music was built upon. Stella Hill has created a soft, personal collection peppered with the quintessential sounds of what made Americana music so influential. Listeners will find everything from alt-country rock with a 90s vibe to tasty New-Orleans jazz in their upcoming EP release, available Monday, June 10.

Overall, we have a very diverse EP. It’s somber but also calming and complex. Group founders, and husband and wife, Josh Massicot (keys) and Liz Ristow (violin) write songs inspired by Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Norah Jones, Jackson Browne and many more. Listeners will find angelic harmonization from the lead vocalists and perfectly balanced, blended instrumentation throughout the entirety of the album. Stella Hill has created a familiar sound and has managed to add a unique flair thanks to an eight-piece orchestra. String sections fill in the gaps and breathes an etherial flavor to a time tested Americana sound. Tracks like “Gold” and “Tupelo” are solid when performed by a three piece band, but really come to life with help from a set of strings.

These tracks aren’t something listeners should pick apart. Something so soft, well produced and blended should be taken at face value. Stella Hill has created a simply pleasant, bitesize atmosphere that just about anyone can enjoy in the right setting. They album drops next week and will be available for download on their Bandcamp page, but you can listen to the single, “Fifteen” right now.

Key Tracks: Gold, Tupelo, Faded at the Seams

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