In Focus: Tom Morello Unleashes Atlas Underground

Tom Morello brought Atlas Underground Live to the infamous Irving Plaza, treating a packed house of young and old fans to his most ambitious project in years, on Wednesday, May 14 . “The Atlas Underground Tour is one-part Marshall-stack guitar-madness and one part bass-drop meltdown. The show will be an intense sonic and visual ‘less talk, more rock’ experience that’s somewhere between a crazy mosh pit, an illegal rave, a subversive art installation, and a prison riot.,” said the guitar god and social justice vanguard.

The virtuoso has taken different genres of music and blended them like never before. A new mix of EDM and his powerful tone and attitude make Tom Morello one of the top guitar players in the style. Each song was carefully selected, paired with a powerful video message depicting giant problems going on in our society.

The show touched all genres and aspects of Morello’s long illustrious career. With plenty of Rage Against the Machine Material, the set journeyed along with nods to a deep connection with his Audioslave band mate and friend, Chris Cornell, and an inspiring cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad.” During the final song Morello invited as many fans as could fit on stage with him; he blew the roof off the New York City venue with the Rage classic “Killing In The Name Of.” It was proof: the song’s lyrics are just as relevant now as when the song was originally released 18 years ago.

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