Griz Ride Waves Tour rolls into Brooklyn’s King’s Theatre

Griz’ Ride Waves: Season One tour rolled into Brooklyn’s King’s Theater last week. Griz is an electronic music producer and saxophonist from Southfield, MI who combines the saxophone with his self described “future funk,” electro-soul, hip-hop and funk beats.


Ride Waves is Griz’ fifth album, and came after a prolonged hiatus from social media and music. Griz used this time to hone his craft and travel the country while recording new music. He was able to recruit talent such as Snoop Dogg, Matisyahu, Bootsy Collins and Dram, as well as address social issues like gun control. He also recorded his first rap verse.

King’s Theater warmly welcomed Griz and his openers, Dwilly and Yung Bae. LA-based DJ and producer Dwilly took the stage first and delivered urban pop beats and remixes that got the crowd moving. Yung Bae, the Portland-based producer who has amassed millions of streams on Spotify, followed with his disco-centric funky beats.

Fans enjoy the Yung Bae set.

The crowd was on their feet as Griz took the stage. His setup included a raised area for his DJ equipment and saxophone, and an area to perform near the front of the stage, with a huge LED display illuminating with positive messages. Griz was accompanied on stage by guitarist Muzzy Bearr, vocalist Chrishira, and horn/trumpet players.

“Can’t Get Enough” featured Griz’ first rap verse, and showed his depth and talent. He sounded great and the crowd was loving it. The lyrics pulsated in bold letters behind him, and the light show was incredibly well timed.

Guitarist Muzzy Bearr, Griz, and vocalist Chrishira

The saxophone and guitar combination in “Caught Up” has a classic disco funk meets reggae feel. It’s hard to not start dancing, and that is exactly what the crowd did.

“It Gets Better” emanated with positivity, and combined elements of hip-hop, jazz and funk into one danceable tune. The LED screen displayed the lyrics and was a positive reinforcement of the chill vibe. The crowd enjoyed the song, and was singing along in unison by the end.

Griz seamlessly intertwines his funk and hip hop beats with positivity and the saxophone, creating pure musical bliss in Brooklyn. This show was an enjoyable party, from start to end, that is not to be missed.

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