Losers Club Launches with Catchy Debut Song, Music Video

New pop rock outfit Losers Club have released their first song “Emerald Eyes” this week. The song is a rallying call for those for whom everything seems to be going wrong, but who never lose sight of hope.

“At the time I wrote this song, I had no idea Losers Club would even exist. It was just another personal demo I wrote to get my feelings out of my head for a while,” says frontman Nate Blasdell. “I’m currently working full time as a middle school teacher, so my schedule had been super busy. There was an unexpected snow day in late February, so I took advantage of it with the intention of writing a song about things I had been feeling recently. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a song in full and recorded it in a single day, but once I got started on this song, it just took off on it’s own. The lyrics came so easy because it was all stuff I had been felt for so long the previous year. I had just gotten off a Europe tour in December that was the most emotionally tolling tour I had ever done and my mental health just hit rock bottom. That particular tour had numerous obstacles on top of so many things going on back home that I wasn’t there to deal with at the same time. This song was really just putting that whole thing into perspective. “

The Rochester-based band includes Andy Champion on bass, Aidan Snyder on guitar and vocals, Cody Wagner on drums, and Blasdell on lead vocals and guitar. Active in the music industry since the age of 16, Blasdell has been a member of several bands, including The Bunny The Bear and I Set My Friends on Fire. He’s also got songwriting credits for bands like
MKTO, The Vamps, and Big Time Rush.

“Losers Club is kind of a collective of every idea I’ve ever wanted to do but wasn’t confident enough to pull the trigger,” Blasdell says about the project. “Even though most of my platform and social media branding had been built in the metal scene, my heart has always been in Pop-Rock. I’ll openly admit, I was afraid to sacrifice giving up what I had, what I had worked for, and the opportunities in front of me, to ‘start over’ in a different scene that I had been out of for so long and there was a lot of self-doubt.”

Blasdell continues, “To be honest, I’ve lived a pretty great life and it took me a while to realize that I had my mental health was not nearly as strong as I thought it was. I needed an outlet, so I started writing basement demos for myself with the intention of never showing anyone. It was a new perspective and the first time I was ever really able to be fully honest with the state my mental health was in. Soon after writing the songs, I realized it wasn’t about being ‘good enough’ or what other people thought, and I didn’t have to give anything up. Everything was so ‘all or nothing’ in my head. I could still play metal. I could still tour. I could still be a teacher, but I could do everything I was afraid to do as well. Somehow, I managed to find three best friends that I could relate to on a personal basis but were all incredible musicians as well. None of us cared about ‘being good enough’ or ‘fitting in’ to the industry’s stand point. We’re all goofy guys. We’re all weird. And we’re all fucking losers, but we’re embracing it head on and learning to let go of the things that aren’t Important in the process. These are songs that have helped us and we can only hope they help you too.”

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