NYC’s Biggest Music Shops Closing On 48th Street

This week the New York Post reported that famous music shops such as Rudy’s Music Stop, Alex Musical Instruments, and Alex’s Accordions located on 48th Street in New York City, better known as Music Row, will close in the coming months. It comes as a shock to people familiar with the rich history that Music Row has in New York, and how famous around the world Music Row is.

Famous Hall of Fame musicians, such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, used to shop there for all their guitars, amps, pedals, and more.

Some of the reported factors causing all these legendary shops to close include rising rent costs and a lack of business that this area once generated. Perhaps the rise of Internet shopping contributed to the issue as well.


The owners of Music Row came up with the idea of possibly creating a walk of fame-like sidewalk, and displaying guitar statues on the streets to create a historical district to preserve the happy memories and musical history to welcome the people who walk through Music Row. But unfortunately, with all the hoops to jump through with the city district, it didn’t get done, so the once great Music Row will become a ghost town in the coming months.


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