The Lawn Boys Celebrate Phish With Sweet Jams at Sera Phi

The Lawn Boys celebrated Phish at Sera Phi in Greenpoint on Saturday night, and said goodbye to local artist Alex Anastas with a dream set list of Phish songs crafted by Anastas himself. The band consists of Darren Rodney (guitar), Andrew Mega (drums), Bruce Raskin (bass), and David Kaufman (keyboards), and primarily plays Phish covers.

Sera Phi is also known as the Sera Phi Social Club, which lived up to its name as the crowd was exceptionally friendly. The row of couches in the back created a great ambiance and the vibrating floor echoed the crowd’s enjoyment through movement. The walls were filled with projections of partially inverted images of Phish throughout the evening, courtesy of videographer Aylon Ben-Ami.

Alex Anastas

The show began on a high note, with the band announcing the departure of Anastas to Australia, and stating that the proceeds from the event would benefit those impacted by the Australian bush fires. The first set contained many heavy hitters. “Bathtub Gin” included notable jam solos by Rodney, who was firing on all cylinders. Also, “Maze” > “David Bowie” felt like the real thing, as this band effectively channeled Phish. Anastas took the stage and sang during “Dirt” and “Waste.”

After a delicious DJ set that included re-mixes of Pink Floyd, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and the Talking Heads, the boys returned for another monster set. “Down With Disease” was the prevalent theme, as the band jammed into and out of this song several times. During “Glide,” the lyrics were changed to “We’re glad glad glad that Al’s alive.” The encore was equally exciting and well executed, with versions of “Harry Hood” and “Chalkdust Torture” that made the crowd long for the real thing.

Overall, the Lawn Boys’ skills were quite impressive, and paired well with the social crowd at Sera Phi. They are a talented cover band who portrays Phish with vigor and delighted the crowd throughout the night.


Set One: Curtain With > AC / DC Bag, Bathtub Gin -> Ghost* > (funk jam) > Tweezer > Maze , Dirt, Waste^, Bouncing Around the Room,  David Bowie > Highway to Hell 

Set Two: Down With Disease > Crosseyed and Painless > Down With Disease, Glide, Heavy Things, YEM, Tube > Tweezer Reprise

Encore: Chalkdust Torture, Harry Hood

Notes: *DWD teases; ^Darren acoustic, Al on vocals

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