Hearing Aide: Carly Beth ‘Sleepless Lullaby’

Twenty year old piano prodigy Carly Beth Hand has matured considerably in her musical evolution since her first LP Taking Flight was released at the tender age of 15 in 2014. Beth, who is a native of the sleepy little town Grand Island, NY which is located northwest of Buffalo near the Canadian Border, showcased her considerable musical talents on Taking Flight as a classical pianist and vocalist. This inaugural work gained considerable interest in the States as well as in China, mostly due to her active promotion on social media platforms. Her online live-stream performances on Facebook were received positively by an eager audience in China which she adeptly leveraged by learning to sing, speak, and read in Chinese.

Her latest single is “Sleepless Lullaby,” which was released in March and co-produced with Jimmy Bralower, has embraced her evolution from classic pianist/vocalist to pop princess. On this tune the piano takes a back seat to heavy synth and a creative dance/vocal  backing track.  This newly minted musical style may be the result of Beth’s recent relocation to London, England where she is now pursuing her music career and finishing studying at University.  The overall effect of this production is a slick radio friendly number that is contemporary and relevant. 

Carly Beth has not forgotten her musical roots and what has propelled her musical career up to this point.  Along with the release of this club friendly tune, she co-released a stripped down acoustic rendition of “Sleepless Lullaby.”  This distinctly different version of the song focuses on Beth’s  piano playing and removes the dance beats, while leaving some of her stark overdubbed vocals.  The listener will have to be the judge as to which of Beth’s styles they prefer.

Carly Beth Hand will be performing along with Christina Custode at The Mug and Musken in Youngstown NY on July 19th during their Songwriter Concert Series .


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